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Observation Mountain Grand Forks

johnshomelogo.gif (1714 bytes) My Home Page (Shameless Self Promotion)

JR's Home Page  My next door neighbor's super page for hunters

Marge's Family History by Marjorie K "Dainard" McArthur

Lyle Olsen's Home Page Who knows what might develop here

Clermont / Pitcher Home Page  Dan & Family's Home Page

Ryan Durand's Home Page Interesting page developing here

Homepage of Hans Interesting  "economy is the basis of our life"

The Many Hats of Dave and Lillian Brummet Drums, Books, Gardening and more

Marne Owen's Page Lots of pictures of hiking and Marne's other interests 

Johl Chato's Page Johl's home page                

Fiberantics Textile Artistry & its' creation, free tutorials

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