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Thanks to those who have contributed.
Your help is sincerely appreciated.

As most of you that use Boundary Sites know I have been maintaining this site for a number of years now. It costs nothing for someone from the Boundary to have their site listed here. I do this as a hobby to promote the Boundary Area and I have been using ISPs that cost me a minimal amount and donating my time to develop and promote the site.

If you use a meta search engine such as http://www.ixquick.com to search for Boundary BC or Boundary Sites or many Boundary related terms like Christina Lake or Midway you more than likely will find Boundary Sites in the results. This is because I have been at it for so long and a lot of the Internet Spiders have my site on their lists to check.

This is a big advantage for those who want to have their Boundary Area Website found by those who are searching for things in our area.

Many free advertising supported sites and ISPs have disappeared from the Internet because it was not profitable to maintain them. Recently my ISP, Tripod.com has requested that I pay $5.95 US per month to keep the storage size I have for Boundary Sites. I still plan to continue this site as I believe it  is a good service for the Community also I do not plan to charge to post listings.

I can hear you thinking already. Now he is going to want my money. Don't run away till you hear me out. You need send no money.  I will continue to provide the site as long as I can whether or not you do but any help would be greatly appreciated. It would allow me to further promote the Boundary. If everyone who benefited from Boundary Sites, those who listed their site to help get it found or those who use it to find sites only sent a few dollars I could easily  cover all my costs and enhance the service.

It will be interesting to see if I get any response to this request. What that will take is for YOU to respond and not leave it up to someone else. If you feel Boundary Area Sites is a valuable service please send your  contributions to Help Promote Boundary Sites PO Box 254, Midway, B.C.  V0H1M0

Thanks for listening, John