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BNR Rail looking east towards the Grand Forks Railway

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After CPR abandoned their Kettle Valley Line and the tracks between Castlegar and Grand Forks in  1992 the Grand Forks Railway was born. Pope & Talbot, The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary, and the Grand Forks Railway Incorporated purchased the tracks from CPR in 1993. They also purchased the remaining GMD locomotive 6703.

Burlington Northern Railroad drops cars at the Pacific Abrasives site and the Grand Forks Railroad picks them up and delivers them to various industrial sites on the south side of the Kettle River in Grand Forks.

With a total of 3.7 miles of track the Grand Forks Railway is rumored to be the shortest short line in Canada and possibly North America.

BNR looking south across the US/Canadian Border

Pacific Abrasives



Pacific Abrasives is a company that produces sand blasting material and other abrasive products from mining slag left over from smelting operations.
Some of their product ends up in San Diego California to sand blast ships. BNR service ends here and they leave cars to be picked up by Grand Forks railway crew.


Pope and Talbot's Grand Forks operation produces dimension lumber and also markets thier left over chips, sawdust and hog.




Roxul West is a company that produces many different high quality insulation products for home and industry from the left over slag


Canpar Manufacturing produces particle board and door core from wood waste.

P & T Chip car loading

P & T Flat Car Loading

Roxul West



John Greaves